Blog: 10 Years of Block

Blog: 10 Years of Block

This month marks the 10th year since Block was founded. It’s fair to say we’ve come a long way since Jon and I were crammed into our little office at Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust, both crazy enough to think we could not only change that hospital for the better, but also the NHS and then the world…

In many ways, we were naïve, and unaware of the many lessons that lay ahead of us. What we did have however, was a strong and uncompromising belief in both ourselves, and how we could help organisations succeed.

So much has changed since that day. Facebook had just entered the UK, the first iPhone was still two years away, the iPad four years off, and the credit crunch was lurking just around corner. All of which was set to have a profound impact on our business, but we’ve come to find this to be nothing but the norm. To stay one step ahead, we’ve embraced change and continuously evolved as a result, but there are some fundamental things that will always remain the same for us.

Our values are core to who we are and how we do business. I believe embracing change means we must take on a certain fluidity. Like water, we naturally take new forms and shapes as a result of the transitions we go through – but our substance remains the same (Mr Miyagi eat your heart out). Our values have been the platform on which we have built Block. They are shared by the people we work with, and the clients we work for, and are as true today as they were 10 years ago. Whilst their substance remains the same, they too have evolved. Here’s where they are today;

Go Beyond_Cyan Blue.png

Go Beyond

Understanding that it’s the little touches and personal service that makes all the difference.

Quite simply, we are a team that cares; about the quality of what we do, the priorities of our customers, the services we deliver and the outcomes we achieve. Going beyond means striving always to excel, working smarter, thinking bolder and going further to deliver experiences that surpass all expectations.

 Relationships First_Cyan Blue.png

Relationships First

Knowing that success always begins with exceptional relationships.

Without exception, our best achievements have at their heart close working relationships that allow true partnership and collaboration. We invest in relationships, placing people at the centre of everything we do, we do the right thing working always with honesty, integrity and an open mind.

 Think Differently_Cyan Blue.png

Think Differently

Applying inspired thinking to fuel continuous improvement and innovation.

We operate at the leading edge, where standing staying still is not an option. We are a team of inquisitive minds who are comfortable challenging the status quo. We invest in our people so they have the skills, experience and expertise to question convention with confidence to unlock and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

 Get Excited_Cyan Blue.png

Get Excited

Enjoying the work that we do, the people that we do it with, and having fun along our journey

Block is a technology company where our people take centre stage. We’re continually finding ways to build a fun environment where our people can be inspired, where we prize the individual and champion the team, taking pride in the values we live by, the results we produce for our clients and the successes we share.


As we look forward to and plan for our next 10 years, I am certain there will continue to be significant change and disruption within the industries we work with, but that’s really the exciting part. We will continue to drive innovation, valuing and investing in the relationships we’ve built with clients, partners and colleagues alike. Always looking to better ourselves, going beyond expectations, loving what we do, and importantly having fun along the way.

Jon and I would like to thank our partners and clients for placing their trust in us and providing the opportunity for joint success over the last 10 years. Most of all, we would like to thank our team that continue to give so much to Block and the work that we do and the difference we all make together. As someone who knew a thing or two once said, “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”